CN D Magazine

#2 Jan 23

An Entire Night With
Tatiana Julien & Anna Gaïotti

When the dancers and choreographers Tatiana Julien and Anna Gaïotti first performed together at the Silencio, David Lynch’s club in Paris, they immediately found artistic common ground and a sense of sorority. In 2022, their collaboration led to a new production, An Entire Night, that had its premiere at the Espace des Arts in Chalon-sur-Saône. CN D Magazine followed the duo as they embarked on the final rehearsals, with an audience surrounding them for the first time.

An Entire Night
choregraphy and interpretation Tatiana Julien & Anna Gaïotti
23 & 24.01.2023 – Festival Amiens Europe, Maison de la Culture, Amiens
18.03.2023KLAP Maison pour la danse, Marseille
23.03.2023 La Soufflerie, scène conventionnée, Rezé
28, 29 & 30.03.2023Bonlieu, scène nationale, Annecy
31.05.2023Théâtre du Beauvaisis, scène nationale Beauvais