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#5 march 24

Composing Dance


In 2008, Nach stumbled upon krump on the front steps of the Lyon Opera (read the article here), sparking the creation of her first solo piece, Cellule. Since then, her style has combined krump and other forms of movement, as well as visual arts and video. Her latest installation, Scène pour récit nu – a nod to an old French name for peep-shows – employs screens and spyglasses to multiply perspectives. 

In her acclaimed danced conferences, Nach has also added spoken words to her artistic vocabulary. In Elles disent, her first group piece, four women find their voices – yet their speech often falters. To Nach, some sentiments can only be expressed through groans, screams, movement, silence even. Initially drawn to dance because she couldn’t speak, as she used to say, Nach now confidently asserts her voice in this episode of “Composing Dance.”

Nach embarked on her dance journey through krump, gradually honing her stage presence and choreographic prowess. In 2017, she unveiled her debut solo piece, Cellule, followed by Beloved Shadows two years later, inspired by her travels to Japan. A firm believer in the power of storytelling, Nach has charted her own course, where the organic body intersects with visual arts, words and moments of introspection, fluidity and light. Her approach defies categorization, as evident in her danced conferences, Nulle part est un endroit and Un endroit partout, as well as her quartet Elles disent (2022) and the installation Scène pour récit nu (2023).

Choreography: Nach
May 3rd at l’Azimut, Antony

Elles disent
Choreography: Nach
March 26 at the playhouse Jean Moulin - Maison des Arts et de la Danse, Limoges
April 30 at Dôme Théâtre, Alberville
May 25 at Astrada, Marciac during festival CIRCA

Nulle part est un endroit
Concept and choreography: Nach
March 19 & 21 in L’Agora, Évry-Courcouronnes
April 2 & 4 avril in Maison du Théâtre d’Amiens, during festival Kidanse
April 7, 2024 in TAP, Poitiers during festival À Corps
April 11 in La Raffinerie, Brussells, Belgium during festival de Charleroi danse
April 18 to 20 in FAIRE, CCN de Rennes et Bretagne
May 16-17 2024, Dublin Dance Festival, Ireland
May 23 in Centre Cuzin, Auch, during festival CIRCA
May 24 in Astrada, Marciac during festival CIRCA

Un endroit partout
Concept and choreography: Nach
March 19 & 22 in L’Agora, Évry-Courcouronnes
April 3 & 4 avril in Maison du Théâtre d’Amiens, during festival Kidanse

« Éloquence de l’imaginaire » 
Workshop with Nach
July 1st to 5 at CREFADA, Marseille