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#5 march 24

Behind the Craft

Myriam Gourfink

Her choreographic career started in an abandoned fire station, at a time when she was immersed in the punk and noise music scenes. Since 1996, Myriam Gourfink has been honing her sense of space and crafting dance that appears to meld seamlessly with its environment. A dedicated practitioner of yoga, she elongates gestures, renders time visible and delves into hypnotic realms in her work for Loldanse, the company she founded, which has accumulated a repertoire of about 50 works.

This year, Gourfink was invited to take part in Recommencer ce monde, a program of CN D events around ecology and sustainability devised by Jérôme Bel and Rebecca Lasselin. In this instalment of CN D Magazine’s “Behind the Craft” audio series, Gourfink delves into her relationship with time, and how she expands it both on stage and in her way of working. A gentle approach, designed to invite us collectively to embrace a slower pace. 

Myriam Gourfink is a dancer and choreographer who is well-known in France for her work in the field of dance research. She regularly takes part in international festivals and has done residencies in a number of institutions dedicated to research, like Ircam or Le Fresnoy. She also led the choreographic research program for the Royaumont Foundation. Her style is inspired by her practice of yoga as well as Labanotation, and strives to combine somatic techniques and technology.

Nulle part & partout
Choreography: Myriam Gourfink
March 29 & 30 at CN D, Pantin
Within the program Recommencer ce monde

Choreography: Myriam Gourfink
September 26 to 28 at the Festival d’Automne à Paris, with l’Atelier de Paris - CDCN
November 6, 2024 at Théâtre du Beauvaisis, Beauvais